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Here's your one last chance to get your licks in! Send us your story, tell us what happened, let us commiserate with you over your lame response... and then you can stun us with the clever, biting response you would have most certainly made had you had just a little more time to think!

Read these stories and their accompanying after-the-fact rejoinders, and then submit your own! Maybe you didn't think to say it then, but you can say it now — share with us the kind of wit you can exhibit if only you have a moment to compose your thoughts.

UPDATE: We are not currently accepting new submissions. Dealing with all this inflow of magnificent wit has been overwhelming. If you have a pithy comeback, hold that thought!

Here are our stories retold, albeit with pithier endings:

From Carlita:

The Hills Are Alive

What happened: One day while I was in tenth grade, I went up to the history teacher's desk to ask a question about some stuff we were studying. Well, when I was bending over to point to something in the book, I started hearing these sniggers from my classmates, and realized that a button on my blouse had come undone, giving the male teacher a full view of my department-store bra and tiny high-school breasts. The teacher was real shy and bookish, maybe even gay, but that didn't stop the catcalls, "Show them things, baby!" "Show-off slut!" etc., etc.

What I said: You don't really think I could speak? I turned super red and walked back to my desk. If I would have had a self-destruct button, I would have pushed it, I would have disappeared myself. It was awful. I was mortified.

What I SHOULD have said: "Oh, shut up already and grow up, everybody. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill!"

From Angela:

The Witch and the Wardrobe

What happened: I have to go this wedding in a couple of months, and I've been stumped for a dress, because it's going to be outside in what promises to be gorgeous spring weather. My not-rich-enough but certainly thin enough coworker, I'll call her Esmerelda, has seized on this. Even though she is a size 4 and I'm a 10 (please believe that I am a 10), she had the nerve the other day to tell me about this dress she has that would be just perfect, and just bubbled all over herself, offering to lend it to me, and saying that the size difference was no big deal, lie, lie, lie, and in the end, insisting, "Listen, I really, really want you to come over to my house right after work and try on this dress."

What I said: I stammered something about really thinking that it just wouldn't fit, really, really, but thanks, I'm sure it's perfect for her but I really couldn't, besides I was too busy, etc.

What I SHOULD have said: "Why?"

From Always Polite and Helpful:

Sales Rep's Lament

What happened: Client has messed about for 4 months and still the sale is not closed.

What I said: It is difficult to hold dates and we will need to have your acceptance in two weeks to hold the dates.

What I SHOULD have said: I would like to know if you have any additional stupid questions about the proposal that we have altered three times to suit your whims. I have to submit sales forecasts tomorrow and you have been leading me on a delightful merry dance since last April. With every turn your neurotic assistant has come up with a series of piccune questions and stumbling blocks. You have met us, received glowing references and told us you would like to go ahead. I would like to remind you that you have whittled this program down to a paltry $10,000. Is this too much to invest in the team of hapless clowns that you call your senior leaders? Would paying $10,000 dollars be to big a price to pay to stop these moron's from plaguing your day with questions and complaints that any junior manager worth his salt could deal with on his own? Is your company going broke? My capacity for patience is wearing prettty thin. May I invite you to shit or get off the pot.

From Allen:

Talkin bout practice

What happened: In the corner of my teachers classroom, was one of those large fisher price basketball hoops. I was sitting right in front of it one class. Just as class quieted down, I shot the ball over my head, but missed. Everyone is looking, and a girl on the other side of the room says "Nice shot, Iverson."

What I said: I blushed, said nothing, and smiled.

What I SHOULD have said: "Thanks, Mutombo"

From Sarah:

No, Crystal

What happened: So there has been stupid drama between me and one of my housemates, named "Crystal". This girl is such a drama queen, and loves to confront me about the situation and "talk" about it and "fix" the problem, etc., but only in the end to backstab me once again a few days later. Of course, she has done this several times, but the drama still continues on perpetual replay. By this time, I'm sick and tired of her pretending to be a mediator and fixing the unnecessary drama that she has always created. The other day, she made me angry for the same reason, so yesterday, she knocked on my door and asked in her fake, sincere look, "Sarah, can I talk to you?"

What I said: I politely smiled and said, "sorry I'm studying... maybe later?"

What I SHOULD have said: "No, Crystal. I'm sick and tired of talking about this. I don't want to talk about it. Take responsibility for your own actions." And slam the door.

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