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Poor Clio is the personal blog of James Edmunds, nowadays tilted towards photos.

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June 2013
Hacklebarney Picnic Table
May 2013
Gallery Floor
April 2013
Welcome to Las Vegas
Hotel Corridor
Our Camp Spot
March 2013
New Year Photo Op
Takraw players Lanexang Village
The Luggage
November 2012
Eating Decatur Street
St. Joseph scaffolding
October 2012
El Shadow State Street
Trolley in the suburbs
July 2012
Kiki Panorama
Wet tracks
Mesa Me Smile
Scuplture Garden
Dismantling Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit
Layered Mesas
Foggy Road, Arizona
Rain from Mt. Evans
Clara in the Window
Some Big Canyon
May 2012
Wildflower Seed Bank
Caroline Dormon Studio Bedroom
Singing Pitcher Plants
Richard Johnsons Hat
Guardian Cloud
Rows Behind Furrows
Herons in the Mist
April 2012
Row of Drain Pipes
Windows Through The Windows
Lewiston and Clarkston
Moravia Cemetery
The Raven
First Citizens Bank
Cup and cap
December 2011
Two moths
October 2011
Autumn Grass at Evening
Tour du Teche
August 2011
Refuge Steps
July 2011
Susan of the Snakes
White Bird Battlefield
Lochsa River
Flathead Lake
Hail the Mountain
Grand Teton Moonset
Grand Teton Music Festival
Alpine Sunflower
Water Bronto
Craters of the Moon
Fencing Curves
June 2011
Fiber Art
Mr. Al at his new home
May 2011
Evening in the plaza
Got Him
March 2011
Window of many slats
Three women at the beach
Kids at the Aquarium
High Museum
November 2010
Bread Porn
Halloween in Lambertville
October 2010
Thanks, but no thanks
Plaquemine Lock
September 2010
So Percussion, So Full Moon
Blue Heron Takeoff
August 2010
Citheronia regalis
Pedestrian on Bridge
Gazebo on the Teche
Walgreens Late Afternoon
July 2010
Asphalting Allen
June 2010
Leaf Print 2010
Eat My Street
Prep School Gothic
Hold My Place
April 2010
Swollen Bladderwort
Native Azaleas on the trail
Valentine Lake Iris
March 2010
Baldcypress Trail
Susan at the Arboretum
Arboretum Interior
Arboretum Dedication
Arboretum Photo Op
Old River Control Auxiliary Structure - Side View
Old River Control Auxiliary Structure
February 2010
Moonrise with line-shaped clouds
Evening Bird Gathering
January 2010
Winter Lake Trees
Frost flowers
December 2009
Blue Moon Rise
Curved Window Condensation
Grand Central Station
Greenwich House subway sign
Know Your Line-Up
Market Carrots
Photographing Whale Sculpture
Taking a Photo Before Monet Water Lilies
MBA Presentation
November 2009
Jason and Ashleigh Wedding
Sasanqua Petals
October 2009
Rear Window
Two Cell Phone Conversations
Dewey Know Where We Are
September 2009
I Think I Will Stay In
Ron K. Brown
August 2009
View from Steptoe Butte
July 2009
Icebergs in Lake
Amber Waves of Grain
Tidal Flats
Winter Wheat
Spring Wheat
Border cloud
Fit for Ewoks
Mountain Sheep
Photographing Mountain Sheep
Mt. Baker Auto
Fraser River Curve
Helicopter Rescue
April 2009
Wire on the ground
Head of Bayou Teche
March 2009
On the Melville Ferry
Herbs room
Stirring music
December 2008
Handbag Palimpsests
Double Climb
Disjunctive Address
Camera Phone, Camera Phone
Knees and Feet
Wet Day Leaves
Menorah for Burrito Diners
October 2008
Our Lady of the Ghouls
Zydeco! World Premiere
Zydeco! Student Performance
Notes at Rehearsal
Garden Project
September 2008
King Sucrose Tractor
August 2008
Brooklyn Heatherdale
Wiley Coyote I
View from the Lighthouse
Two Canoes at Bay Fortune
The Lighthouse She Chose
Grain Field
PEI Turbines
Taking Care of the Plane
Shaded Lane
Fish Market
Spud bank
Ladies Plowing Competition
Competitive Plowing
A Belgian in Dundas
Ferry Railings
A Kayaker Videos the Passing Ferry
Absolutely No Diving
Good Reading Porch
Ferry Window
The Art of Paper
July 2008
Crabbing Under the Clouds
Crab bucket
Bait String
One Gal Two Guys
Filled Windows With Gauge
Blue Trimmed Door
June 2008
Suburban Paradise
The Earth Always Wins
Night Fountain
Prairie King Snake
June Clouds and Cane
Fierce Dance
Maori Dancers
Leaning Handles
May 2008
How Two Sisters Respond To Strangers
Bromo Seltzer Tower
April 2008
House of blue
Wisteria Room
Photographing the Persian Day Parade
Photographing Lao Beauty Queens
March 2008
Hot tamales
Getting the cure
Big Bend Vista
Big Bend Windmill
Moon over the movie set
Cliff swallow nests
James Dean at Hotel El Paisano
February 2008
Presidio County Courthouse
Road Runner Running Road
January 2008
New Museum
Trinity Cemetery
Purple Door
Amsterdam Avenue
Visible Storage
Library steps
Video d’LITE
Holiday Farmer
Winter Window
October 2007
Salsa Class
September 2007
South Beach
Gulls and Pelicans
Pierce Point barn
Compatible Uses
Jet over the beach
Beach vulture
Sierra Snow
Yosemite Tunnel
El Capitan reflection
Looking up
Meadow in Yosemite Valley
Tree that looks like a man
Big tree
Dust Devil
Morning Stretch
Chicken John
Walking to School
June 2007
Half Eaten Leaf
Zydeco Forum
Pitt Street Rain
Grand Isle Sliver
May 2007
Clearing the Bar
April 2007
High Steppers
Soweto Dancers
Step Team
Lynne Arialle
Wess and Stephaine
Goat Cheese Room
Country Lane
February 2007
What Happens to Chickens
Pelican In Flight
Price Lake Road
Three Wise Men
January 2007
Susan in the Snow
West End Ave
George Washington Bridge
December 2006
Rail Cars Behind Sugar Mill
Venus de Pollard
Strange Old Birds
Fire and Water 2006
November 2006
Kathak master
October 2006
Lawns Closed
Morgan Library
Irvin Mayfield at N.P. Moss
September 2006
No. 9749
The Road Ahead
Kettling Turkey Vultures
Elk with Antlers
August 2006
Marmot Preparing for Winter
Susan in the Stream
Mountain Flower Dew Drop
Moore Law Firm
Pearl Street
Extra Turbine Blades
Boise City Bombed
Chairs Looking Out Windows
Gothic Architecture of Paris
A Door in Paris
Irrigation for Cotton
Boll Weevil Trap
July 2006
Not a Bird At All
Five Steps to More Storage
Shrimp boxes
Two Bridges
Sacred Cutout
Missing Person
One Armed Man
Do Not Destroy
Highway 82
Plumbing Remnants
Wet Filing Cabinet
Open Door Church
Cameron Parish Wildflowers
June 2006
World Cup Watchers
Soybeans and Building
Market Onions
Caged Bunnies
Beach House Morning
Mentos and Diet Coke
Saturday Ball Game
Feathered hair
Hair Ball
May 2006
Water Towers and Bricked In Window
Shipping Burial Cremation
One Way Chicken
Polished English
L.I.R.R. Tracks
April 2006
Make Levees Not War
Irvin Mayfield
Cowboy Mouth
Charmine Neville
Congo Square
Snow Plows Under the Pulaski Bridge
Happy New Year 2549
Temple Mail
The New Temple
On the bongos
March 2006
Mystery Buckeye
Mardi Gras Song
Catching beads
Dancing in Big Mamou
Frottoir Player
January 2006
Hands Up!
Subway sketching
No 1. Train
Ellis Island
December 2005
Solstice Light
Train Crossing
Music from above
November 2005
PS3 Halloween Parade
No Drilling
Henry Hudson Parkway
It’s In The Hands
Flute Master Class
October 2005
St. Peter Branch
Back home
PASA in the Park
Hamlet Tonight
September 2005
Up on the Roof
High Water from Rita
Coppelia Sample
Enjoying the Music
Ellis Hall
August 2005
Nebraska Sky
Putting it to Labor
The high road
Lebanon Has Souvenirs
Object of Art
Willa Cather’s bedroom
Nebraska Clouds
Grain Elevator
Home of the Greyhounds
Bright faces
Waving grain
Vegreville Pysanka
Gentle Saskatchewan
Advertising Clock
Railway Town
Upper Mina Lake
The Raven
Icefields Parkway
Lake Louise Photo Op
Political Excursion Train
Vermilion Lakes
Lightly Attended Performance
View from our balcony
Wind farm
Sugar Beets
Dinosaur track
Poison Spider Road
Nebraska Irrigation
Post parade
Clouds over Kansas
Sir Barton
Monument Rocks
Bare field
Pivot Irrigaion
Texas vultures
81 and 82
Not For Rent
July 2005
Gas Meters
Spent Entertainment Missile
Ashes Only
Tree at Cypremort Point
Patriotic Display
Distant Rain
June 2005
Sugar Cane Road at Dusk
April 2005
Roxane Butterfly
Shaw Center for the Arts
PASA Tap City Stars
Tap at 307
Andrea Mosquera
Edmar Castaneda
Dave Silliman
Marshall Gilkes
Balcony Echo
March 2005
Restaurant Chairs
Shadows in the Fountain
Fingernail Moon
Atrium Light
Tsunami terrace
Spring Clover
Bus Driver, RIP
The Great Gator Race
February 2005
Evening Walk
Red Roof, Red Car
New Office
The Old Mill
Men Working Ahead
January 2005
Prairie View
Free Wireless Hot Spot
When Pigs Fly
East Village Dinosaur
50s Era Subway Car
Waiting for the House to Open
Endangered in Inwood
Overhaul Shop
Arriving 59th St.
Foundation for Foundation Garments
December 2004
Chicot State Park
Village Tour, Wet Day
Grove Court, December Night
Madison Avenue
Dirty Laundry
November 2004
Strange Old Bird
Pollution Fear
High and Dry
Fontana Dam Powerhouse
Fontana Dam
Sylva Taxi Stand
Susan at Deep Creek
Deep Creek Trail
Footbridge at Juney Whank Falls
Dinner at L’Eglise
I Heart 21
Volleyball from the Balcony
At Gail and Bob’s
Tire Tracks in Sand
Cattails Next to Crawfish Pond
First Growth Sugar Cane
Display Window Next to Filling Station
October 2004
Cabin in the Sky
West Facing Windows
Madeline Volleys
Cat in Window, Rainy Day
September 2004
Not Quite Perpendicular
Drainage by Numbers Kit
Scavenger Egrets
Aquarium visitor looks up at fish
Candace’s camera phone
Sea Anemone
Riverwalk view
CC’s Ceiling
August 2004
Melissa in her Studio
Louisiana muscadines
High Water
Hospital Corridor
Drfit Log
City Morning
Decorative Railing
Vent Window
Blue bottles
Last tomatoes
July 2004
At the Gallery
Watermelon Horizon
Khac Chi
Les Miserables Rehearsal
Watermelon excavations
D-Day Fleet
D-Day Museum
Buddha in the mist
What’s Back There?
Susan and her mom
Tree Growth
July Caladiums
Black Window
Waste Anything But Time
Transmission Fluid Leak
June 2004
Capitol pose
Potted Palm
National Gallery stairs
Dupont Circle Metro Stop
WW II Memorial
Beau on the Metro
Pulcinella’s downstairs
Charlotte Airport
New Camera Phone
Choir on stage
Jeff and Vida Band
Burger Gone
University Art Museum
Insignia SL
Wall wires
Mr. Gordy’s RV
Trinity Church grounds
Iberia Parish Courthouse
Lemon Tart
Cherry tomato
Storm clouds
Seward Park Branch
Ailing cab
Piano Piano
Chess Players
Doll maker
Church door
Leroy Street
Red eye
Time Warner Building
Small Dogs
Washington Square Arch
Gospel Hall
Half and half
End of the Tunnel
Jack and the Beanstalk
Drum Power
17-year Cicadas
Empire State Building
Making Video of Street Singers
Sorrows Bingo
Gas Can
May 2004
Rain-slicked streets
49 Downing Street
Photographing Ave Maria
Fly the flag
Modern towers
Sidewalk Marking
Eisemann Center
Irving Arts Center
Helicopter Logging
No High Rises
New Traffic Lights
Phone Books for Poor Clare Nuns
Aquatic Gardens
Boardwalk flowers
Drive In Window
Open Window
Gehry on the Bayou
Bodies in New Iberia
Driving in the Bayou
Zephyrs game
Well, I got one
Stacked chairs
Night heron in flight
And Pants
The stack
April 2004
Rough-legged hawk
Vegetative sculpture
Roofless Church
Tree exam
Cairo Library
Commercial Avenue
Many windows
Narrow Bridge
Flying free
Happy 2547
Electric wires
Stack detail
The Boldt stack
Boldt Paper Mill
March 2004
February 2004
Driskill Mountain
Alien Mail
Driskill Summit
No No
Little Bitty Bike Sale
Line Up
A Mighty Subway
December 2003
Visitor Parking
November 2003
Shakespeare Class
October 2003
Boys to men
American Thread
Marble Cemetery
Join hands
A little Paris
September 2003
Two Heads, Each Moving Forward
Mountains and Range
Devil’s highway
Three Dumpsters
Very Large Array
Bird tracks
American Avocet
Salt Basin
Artistic Dishwashers
Donald Judd
Guadalupe Lizard
Milwaukee Rain
Ars Longa
Trompe L’Oeil
Moon over Milwaukee
Aspidistra trimming
Guy Wires
August 2003
Bus Garage
High Water
Andy Griff
Sign with a veiw
Louisa bridge
Most Valuable Cat
Smoke stack dream
Coming Soon
Brick face
Pepsi can
Bench and Drain
July 2003
Flowers for the Dead
Sidewalk Clown
Vane Discovery
June 2003
Turner Field
Legacy of Impressions
Silver Tower
Have A Coke
Why, Indeed?
Department Of
May 2003
Old Centenary
The Little Room
Hurricane Lili
Mary Berry
New York in the Spring
April 2003
Happy 2546
Briarwood Lilies
Car Ad?
March 2003
Azalea Trail
Roadside Dogwood
Window Loaves
Finger Roll
Shoe Tree
Duct Tape Shoe
February 2003
Your Choice
January 2003
Momentum shift
Take it to the Hole
Swing Shift
Art Shot
December 2002
Turkey Oak
Hello World
Chauvin Sculpture Garden
No Loitering From Bridge
November 2002
Thanksgiving Table
Lake Fausse Pointe Moon
Nice Cars
Goodbye, Tree
October 2002
A Real Page Turner
Dredging the Teche
Waiting For Lili
Open Rehearsal
September 2002
Where Prices Are Born...
Book Repair
August 2002
Chanterelle Crew
Hundreds of Collisions
Towers of Worship
Store Moose
U Pic
Scallop Shuckers
Kejimkujik Adjunct
Vacation at Last
People Who Hear Jets
Drum Major
Osage Orange
July 2002
Boat on the Teche
Under the Bridge
Wasted exposure?
Red Tides
Introducing Blink
Banana Leaf in the Rain
Consider the Eel
Baby Chimney Swifts
Our Table Before Supper
Cross Fire
Office Aftermath
Jesus de Milo
Drained Pond
June 2002
The Meek Don’t Eat Meats
New Boardwalk
April 2002
March 2002
Lao New Year
Clarks Creek
December 2001
Rebel Motel
September 2001
August 2001
Goose Lake
Grand Cafe
Colorado Storm Sky
Roadside Flowers
Upland Bog
July 2001
Nephila Clavipes
June 2001
Night Heron
May 2001
Fussing Crow
April 2001
Stained Glass Armadillo
Enron Field
March 2001
Washington Square
September 2000
25 Scientists
August 2000
June 2000
La Brea Tar Pits
January 2000
Gross Barber Shop
October 1994
Susan on the Train
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