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West St. Peter Street, New Iberia, LA
Walking West, looking at south side of street
  Iberia Street to French Street
  Parking lots and private homes.    
Photos taken
May 25, 2001
French Street to Jefferson Street    
Built as a new location for Taylor's Drug Store, now used by the First United Methodist Church.    
Insurance office.    
This nifty little commercial building now houses a barber shop and a dog groomer.    
DeRouen Cleaners, where my shirts get starched.    
Photos taken
May 25, 2001
Jefferson Street to Railroad Ave.    
When I lived just down the street from here, we used to love the parsley processing cycle; occasionally we would receive a gift of herbs.    
When I was a kid, there was a feed store housed in this old town house. The downstairs always seemed so cool. My sister had a horse, and this is where it got its oats.    
Historic: Same building in an earlier use.