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Information embedded, impressed or inscribed
into sidewalks and curbs of New Iberia:
Selected samples
Locations limited to name of street only, so that
viewers may have the pleasure of finding information
themselves if they so choose.
"Erin Wuz Hea"
Weeks St.
"E Madison St"
This street is actually now named E Pershing St.
"Force Main"
E Lawrence St.
"Grateful Dead"
Country Club Dr.
"Pollard Ave" & "Marie St."
Pollard at Marie
Railroad Ave.
  Love Stories    
"Bryson Loves Erica"
Front St.
Weeks St.
  Signatures (corporate)    
"Foulkes-Forbes Co"
Railroad Ave.
"... Construction Co."
Weeks St.
"Lourd & Daigre"
Main St.
  Signatures (individuals)    
"Mrs. Loe Marie 1914"
Marie St.
Indest St.
"Jos Brigant"
E Pershing St.
"L.L. Guillot"
Julia St.
"M Marcell"
Montsant St.
Iberia St.
"Jason Broussard"
Swain St.
Railroad Ave.    
Country Club Dr.    
Julia St.    
W St. Peter St.    
Country Club Drive    
Center St.    
Magnolia St.    
Iberia St.    
Iberia St.