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East St. Peter Street, New Iberia, LA
Walking West, looking at south side of street
Photos taken
May 26, 2001
Center Street to Weeks Street
(Southeast corner) Telephone office building, once a swarm of activity, now just a big building full of clicking switches and the like.    
(Southwest corner) For as long as I can remember, there has been a Texaco station here.    
Evangeline Funeral Home.    
Historic: Probably dating from the 1950s.
Historic: Picture postcard descibes this building as "one of the handsome new residences of New Iberia."
Photos taken
May 26, 2001
Weeks Street to Julia Street    
Historic: The old high school that once stood on the southwest corner of this street, now a parking lot.
At one time, school board offices.    
The old First Baptist Church burned a few years back, and the congregation replaced the old masonry structure with this new church.    
Photos taken
May 26, 2001
Julia Street to Iberia Street    
St. Peter's Church. Note the twin cupolas.    
Office and rectory building for St. Peter's Church.    
Detail: When I was in high school in the sixties, we took some solace in interpreting this as a flashing of the peace sign.